Without the Electoral College, some of the greatest leaders in our country's history would never have been elected to the presidency. Their names are synonymous with patriotism, courage, leadership, charisma, brilliance, and all things America. They are: 

John Quincy Adams
Rutherford B. Hayes
Benjamin Harrison
George W. Bush

Any child of American grade school could list of these names without a second thought, having heard them repeated thousands of times. Even the Washington Nationals baseball team has a "President's Race" every game, in which mascot versions of Adams, Hayes, Harrison, and Bush run around the field, to the delight of the crowd. It's a running joke that J.Q. Adams loses every time, since he not only lost the popular vote but actually lost the plurality Electoral College vote in 1824 before winning the presidency in a House of Representatives vote. These men have become icons of the office of the presidency.

Here are the four Presidents in their rightful place, hewn into the rock of America.
What made these Presidents so uniquely great? It is without a doubt the fact that they lost the national popular vote but won in the Electoral College. These men didn't need the support of "the American people" to win election, just a few states and electors. That gave them the freedom to make bold decisions, like reducing the national debt, ending Reconstruction, invading Iraq, and...well, I'm sure Benjamin Harrison must have done something bold.

Now, you may have seen a 2010 poll of "presidential scholars" conducted by the so-called "Siena College Research Institute" ranking all the presidents in U.S. history, in which John Quincy Adams ranked 19th, Rutherford B. Hayes 31st, Benjamin Harrison 34th, and George W. Bush 39th out of the 43 presidents. Don't believe any of it. It's clearly propaganda put out by National Popular Vote to try make you believe the lie that not only have all the presidents elected without winning the popular vote been either mediocre or bad, but that they've been getting worse every time, so that whoever this happens to next will probably be the worst president in American history.


08/23/2013 1:35am

Yeah, reducing the national debt, ending Reconstruction and especially invading Iraq were really bold decisions taken by these great presidents. I’d say that these four are the main reason for the current state of the United States of America! Regards.

08/25/2013 5:17am

These presidents are outstanding leaders that have done a great impact on American history. Any child of American grade school could list of these names without a second thought and it is the best honor for them. Thank you a lot for keeping our memory in touch with this.

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