I've had about enough of Democrats taking the "high road" when it comes to our democracy. The high road makes for a really nice trip--it's the scenic route. You get to see gorgeous vistas like "every vote counting equally," "no states getting completely ignored," and "people feeling like their participation in democracy matters." Here's the problem with the high road: it's a one way trip to losing.

The Democrats who want a national popular vote for president are so in love with their high-minded ideals that they can't even appreciate a system that is giving them a major electoral advantage right now. It's pretty obvious at this point. Everyone from Daily Kos to RedState.com knows that Romney is much more likely to win the popular vote and lose the Electoral College than Obama. Polls are consistently showing Obama leading in the swing states, but tied or trailing in the national popular vote.

That makes the winner-take-all Electoral College awesome again...for Democrats. Sure, I hated it as much as the rest of us progressives in 2000 when it robbed Al Gore of his rightful presidency.

But when it comes to the Electoral College, the ends justify the means. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the greater good. When it comes to the future of our American democracy, the fairness of elections is something we can definitely put off till later.

So don't be stupid, progressives. Take the low road. Keep the current Electoral College rules, and keep winning elections. That's what democracy's all about, isn't it?


03/20/2013 10:54am

Your Democracy nowhere close to fair-electoral college-outdated male fantasy w/o the pasties. Face it, electoralcollegecronies,direct vote is empowerment across this awesome American spectrum! and so fits our "melting pot" motif. Besides, what advantage(s), if any,do the poor have when casting a ballot for someone rich?????

10/14/2013 8:01am

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03/24/2014 8:59am

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